‘The old ‘Barclays Bank’ building on Wood Street in Wakefield, being in need of full restoration works, was recently turned into a top class restaurant called ‘Qabana’ serving quality Cuban Tapas delicacies to which KLLangton Decorative Plasterwork had the privilege to renovate.

The walls dressed with its art works

The interior plaster mouldings, dress the walls & ceilings with various ‘standard products’ plus develop a large ‘bespoke dropped beam ceiling’ as its main central feature was all renovated by KLLangton Decorative Plasterwork.


My team, all local tradesmen, worked tirelessly and successfully to bring the building back to its former glory along with the manufacture & suspension of the delightful centre piece designed by Matthew & his team. The walls dressed with its art works, the ‘aged’ decoration & the presence of the serving staff make it a wonderful experience.


Pop in for a cocktail & a dish (or two) and make your own mind up – you wont be disappointed..”


Renovation Photos

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