NHTG (National Heritage Training Group) students Wk2

Getting heavily involved in taking 'silicone squeezes' of the insitu enrichment'sGetting heavily involved in taking 'silicone squeezes' of the insitu enrichment's

These are the 2nd set of photos taken from ‘week 2’ with the NHTG students.

The photo with the 3 guys in is Tom on the left (who is our own internal trainee/improver) Melloney in the centre & Matthew on the right. This photo is due to a excellent ‘gift’ of ‘picking tools’ etc from Ian @ ‘Industrial plasters’ for the students who see us on social media where we had advertised we had been given these guys with the intention of training them in the art of ‘heritage & fibrous plasterwork’.

The photo with the 5 guys in is the site start of ‘Pioneer House in Dewsbury’ this week where are are to replicate & replace a large part of the wonderous ceiling. It has to be removed due to weight loading, water ingress damage.

The last 3 photos are of the 2 students getting heavily involved in taking ‘silicone squeezes’ of the insitu enrichment’s. These are needed to help reproduce the new models/moulds in the workshop prior to returning to site to reinstall the dressed plaster casts.

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